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Online Exam Technical Support/FAQ/Live Agent Support



1) What to do when I can’t proceed in the exam check requirements?

If you face issues in proceeding in the exam check requirements, contact the tech support via the chat window available in the bottom-right corner of the page.

2) I have problems with my microphone and camera

Click here for a guide on setting up your microphone and camera.

3) If due to technical issues I lose time from the exam session, can I have additional time to finish my exam?

Despite the time-loss that you might face due to technical issues, it is possible to stay in the exam after the time-countdown reaches the end of the session. 

4) I have problems with my Mac after the Catalina 10.15 update

Click here to view how to fix this issue. 

5) What happens when due to technical issues I can’t take my exam?

If for some technical reason you can’t start your exam, it’s necessary to contact your test organiser.