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How will I know that I am registered for my online exam?

You will receive two or three emails from WSET once you have been registered for your exam: 

Email 1: will be sent 9 days before the exam and will contain information relating to what devices you need to sit an RI Exam. It will ask you to perform a Systems Check.

Email 2: will be sent 5 days before the exam and will only be sent to those candidates who have not yet conducted a system check advising you to do so 

Email 3: will be sent 72 hours before your exam and will include the link to access your exam 

If you try and access your exam early you will go to a holding page with a countdown timer that will show you how long it is until you can access your exam. 

Online Exam Technical Support: https://proctorexam.com/test-taker-support/

To ensure that emails are received directly to your inbox please add examsnoreply@wsetglobal.com to your approved senders list.