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How do I set up my test environment?


1-Your room is well lit

You should be clearly visible at all times. Through the setup process, you will be able to see what your webcam is sharing. Make sure that lighting is sufficient and no backlighting

2-You are alone

You should be the only one taking the exam, having someone else in the room is a serious violation. Make sure to cover any irrelevant private info you would not like to show such as pictures or private objects.

3-Cam positioned right

For both your webcam and smartphone camera, we need to be able to see you and your surroundings well. Check the videos feeds which are shown on your screen as you start your exam, they will show you exactly what is recorded and how.


1- No extra devices

By default, you're are not allowed to use additional devices such as second screens or phones/tablets. There are some exceptions:
- When a smartphone is required for its camera, this device is obviously not forbidden.
- Things such as medical support devices or items may be used if necessary, but you must show this to the camera when prompted.

2- No headphones

We need to be able to hear what you are hearing in order for the exam to be valid.

3- No talking (or singing)

Any noise and talking will be analysed for suspicious behaviour, so make sure you are in a quiet environment and that you refrain from talking out loud.

4- No toilet breaks

You will need to remain within the camera frame during the exam, so toilet breaks are not allowed. Make sure you go before starting the exam.

5- No smart watches

A smart watch is considered an additional device which is not allowed.

6- No note taking

You cannot write anything down while taking the online exam. No pens, pencils, or paper are allowed on the desk.

7- No Wine Maps or Wine Making Process maps on the walls

Remove any wine related pictures hanging on the wall in your testing environment.